Brain Scars: Healing Efforts Following Traumatic Brain Injury


I’ve been asking myself this question for the better part of a decade – if you sustain a brain injury, are you simply left with the unsettling, and oftentimes misunderstood, residual aftermath for the remainder of your life? How malleable and responsive is the human brain, and are there opportunities for healing and restoration? Even more daring: is there potential for cognitive optimization following head injury?

This question of healing, though seemingly straightforward, begs innumerable questions – How severe was the injury? When did it happen? Where, anatomically, did it occur? To probe even deeper – who did it happen to? What is the integrity of the individual’s genetic code? To what extent is the individual educated? Are these questions relevant?

The human brain, as commonly accepted, is the most comprehensive, multifaceted, and marveled-over organism currently known to man. It is a mystery slow-to-be unraveled yet with each layer unveiled proves to be exceedingly fascinating and exceptionally mysterious. In its intact form it has the capacity to explore unthinkable places and create wondrous things; things of art, science, technology, literature. It is at once marveled over in its raw form and capable of invoking marvel of its creation.

Once disrupted, does the brain unravel uncontrollably to the point where traumatic brain injury precludes this imaginative force from attaining to such heights ever again?

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BussiGar37Brain Scars: Healing Efforts Following Traumatic Brain Injury