Clarity Amid The Confusion

“Concussions can only resolve spontaneously: there’s nothing you can do to clear symptoms otherAboutFounderBrain than take medication and rest.” WRONG.

The truth is that the principles of Healing Your Head are actually pretty simple — you just have to be consistent!

Earlier this year I had the opportunity to prove, without a shadow of doubt, that my day-to-day lifestyle decisions (nutrition, exercise and stress-management) directly effect blood flow patterns in my brain. Why is that important? Abnormal blood flow correlates to a multitude of brain disorders; concussions, or traumatic brain injuries, are chief among them. I had a significant concussion back in 2006 and I wanted to know if there was any lingering damage all these years later. I underwent a SPECT scan — the type that is able to measure exactly where blood circulates to roughly 120 structures in the brain via a radioisotope. After professional analysis by a preeminent nuclear neurologist and neurophysiologist, I was clearly pretherapyperfusioninformed – my brain was abnormal.

The proof is in the research:

After just 10 weeks of implementing the Concussion Healing Solution® my brain underwent a complete transformation; restoring from abnormal hypo-perfusion (lower than normal blood flow) to regulated — and even optimal — blood flow to some of the most crucial structures within the brain (dorsolateral prefrontal cortex, anterior cingulate cortex, ventral medial prefrontal cortex). What’s more? The actual area of impact from my original concussion back in 2006 reflected significant increases in blood flow. What does that mean? It was beginning to heal – my brain was beginning to optimize! (Side by side results)

If you are convinced that lifestyle decisions directly impact the function and integrity of the brain and want to know exactly what you need to do to achieve similar results to my own experience, click here.posttherapyperfusion

Consistency is challenging, against human nature and nearly futile — but it is possible!

If you need more convincing consider this: the human brain is the most dynamic, multifaceted and awe-inspiring organ ever encountered and analyzed by mankind. Liken it, for a moment, to a simple plant. In order for a plant to grow and flourish it requires a very specific formula (albeit a very simple formula). The climate needs to be favorable and the right balance of water, sunlight and CO2 need to be available for it to reach its full maturity. Now eliminate just one of those components — what happens? Gradual deterioration and eventual death.

waterbrainYour brain is no different. Unfortunately the formula is much more complex than this particular example but requires the same amount of consistency. After a concussion your brain relies on this ideal equilibrium more than ever. Without it symptoms are prolonged and/or exacerbated and the pain and suffering continues. The solution is to regularly strike this balance in order to return to homeostasis = complete cognitive health and clarity. The step-by-step journey to clearing symptoms and restoring homeostasis is detailed in the Concussion Healing Solution®. If you are ready to take your cognitive health into your own hands and enact a healing formula that absolutely works, act now.

            What is the Concussion Healing Solution?


Recovering from a concussion isn’t just about clearing symptoms. It’s about redesigning your lifestyle to maximize your cognitive potential 

foodRxThe immediate benefit of the Concussion Healing Solution® is that you’re able to clear concussion-related symptoms and return to normalcy. The astonishing byproduct of this program is that, after absolute consistency, you begin thinking completely differently. What do I mean by this? Countless research points to the fact that proper nutrition; ingesting the right balance of amino and fatty acids, superfood synergies, herbs, spices and other natural phytonutrients reduces inflammation, toxicity and oxidative stress and directly affects the way your brain functions. The right formula allows you to begin thinking like you should – without all of the toxins of ordinary American food interfering with your cognition. 

Food and lifestyle dictate behavior. The food born of the earth; vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, legumes, roots and other leafy greens actually foster health, happiness, Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 9.09.59 PMand prosperity. Everything born of the food industry does not. The next time you think about your next bite of food think to yourself: “am I taking one step forward or one step back with my cognitive health?” Living an active lifestyle activates and expresses certain proteins, hormones and growth factors that strengthen your brain and make thinking more effortless. Living a sedentary lifestyle filled with distress and anxiety strips you of energy, clarity and optimism and makes your brain stagnant. Ask yourself: “are you ready to restore brain health and live the optimal lifestyle of the Concussion Healing Solution®?”  



If it matters to you, then you’ll find a way. If it doesn’t you’ll find an excuse.


                                                                                  Convinced? Get started now!

BussiGar37Clarity Amid The Confusion
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Brain Scars: Healing Efforts Following Traumatic Brain Injury


I’ve been asking myself this question for the better part of a decade – if you sustain a brain injury, are you simply left with the unsettling, and oftentimes misunderstood, residual aftermath for the remainder of your life? How malleable and responsive is the human brain, and are there opportunities for healing and restoration? Even more daring: is there potential for cognitive optimization following head injury?

This question of healing, though seemingly straightforward, begs innumerable questions – How severe was the injury? When did it happen? Where, anatomically, did it occur? To probe even deeper – who did it happen to? What is the integrity of the individual’s genetic code? To what extent is the individual educated? Are these questions relevant?

The human brain, as commonly accepted, is the most comprehensive, multifaceted, and marveled-over organism currently known to man. It is a mystery slow-to-be unraveled yet with each layer unveiled proves to be exceedingly fascinating and exceptionally mysterious. In its intact form it has the capacity to explore unthinkable places and create wondrous things; things of art, science, technology, literature. It is at once marveled over in its raw form and capable of invoking marvel of its creation.

Once disrupted, does the brain unravel uncontrollably to the point where traumatic brain injury precludes this imaginative force from attaining to such heights ever again?

If you are interested in investigating these questions with me, consider following my 10-week brain optimization program. I will be blogging on the subject from now until mid March and I will document just how I’ve gone about optimizing my brain and what you can do to participate.

BussiGar37Brain Scars: Healing Efforts Following Traumatic Brain Injury
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